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Recruiting Great Sales People

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Tuesday 20th August 2019

When it comes to recruiting sales people it is easy to employ a someone who, on paper and at interview, seems to be the perfect person, but does not live up to the hype.

There are many sales people who aren’t as good - in terms of people management or sales – as their CVs might suggest. But if they are tenacious, and know their product or service very well, they are likely to come across exceptionally well in an interview and get the job.

How do you recruit the right candidate?

1. Pay close attention to the sectors in which a candidate has succeeded

It’s easy to be a sales star in an industry that’s booming. Take a good look at someone’s track record, have they really demonstrated that they can sell? In certain industries sales targets have been easy to achieve. Sales directors in these sectors could have been promoted, without having to prove themselves or develop skills to cope in a tougher market.

2. Examine their CV

How long do they stay in a job? Rapid career changes could be an indication of someone who can’t deliver in a role. Does their CV focus on them being a sales professional? Consider industry background. Does it matter if someone is from the same sector?

3. Recruit sales people on an ongoing basis

Do not start recruitment when sales people leave. The urgency of replacing a team member might make you compromise and the hire whoever is available rather than a more suitable candidate.

Recruit for attributes and skills, not just experience. Sales experience or education might not be as important to a candidate’s success as the soft skills they posses.

4. A good description of the role is key

Different sales profiles require different skills, experience and even personalities. Different products or services require a variety of approaches. Some sales roles involve selling to big firms, others are about looking after lots of small accounts. Don't just think about the role itself when recruiting, promote your company’s culture, values and rewards too. We can help you to write a detailed job description to clearly communicate what you are looking for in a candidate when recruiting for a sales role.

Athena was born from a background of sales and business management and has been recruiting sales people for a wide range of sectors across Essex and Suffolk. Alongside great understanding of our clients' recruitment needs, we offer great value for money with fixed fees for permanent staff.

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